What to consider when buying the best masticating juicers 2020?

The fruit is an excellent source of nutrition that everyone needs to possess a healthy body, good resistance.

A glass of fruit juice contains all the necessary nutrients for you to have calories for an active day. Therefore, you should not ignore this abundant source of nutrition.

Currently, there are many types of masticating juicers with a variety of designs and prices, so you may feel overwhelmed by this abundant information.

Do you want to choose the best masticating juicers 2020? Don’t worry, check out the following things to consider before jumping in:

#1 Speed

A juicer is unlike a blender, a good juicer is a machine that doesn’t have a high speed.

Blender with fast rotation speed will produce heat, neutralizing enzymes in fruits and vegetables. In contrast, a juicer with a slow grinding speed will not create bubbles or affect the enzymes and vitamins present in the fruit.

The slower the juicer, the better the juice will be. You should choose a machine with the speed below 100 RPM, this is the most standard speed to be able to produce delicious cups of juice.

#2 Size

You should consider the size of masticating juicers before buying because it is directly related to the cost you have to spend.

If you are using masticating juicers primarily for household use, you should choose a compact size. It will help you to move easily and above all help you avoid unnecessary waste.

#3 Easy to clean

You need to choose a masticating juicer that can be easily cleaned to ensure food safety and hygiene.

The parts of the masticating juicer need to be easily removed to be thoroughly cleaned. If not cleaned, the organic matter in food will decompose and cause unpleasant odors and bacteria.

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