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If you have ever into adventurous survival hikes or trip, you will know that clothes are not just only for aesthetic aspect, but also more important for protect yourself from environment elements and harsh weather. This is why you will need the best survival jacket.

Even if the temperature is freezing, when you are covered with the right jacket the temperature cannot defeat you. To ensure you choose the right survival jacket for your adventure in the cold, we are here to clear up some common question.

#1 Do you need a jacket that breathes?

There is always the case that you may get too hot in your jacket. You will want to buy a coat that do a great of keeping you warm, but perhaps too warm and you are begin sweat. If you don’t buy a jacket with breathable material, or includes vents, you might be overheated.

There is the tip if you wear these jackets is that you should choose a bigger jacket than your size to have room for layer and wear the moisture-wicking layer under the outer layer of jacket.

#2 What clothing are you should wear underneath the jacket?

The layers of your survival clothing are very important that determine how warm and comfortable you are. If you rely solely on the coat for moisture-wicking, you may sweat inside the jacket and the moisture also make you freeze due to poor undergarments.

You can get start with a base layer that keeps moisture away from your skin and then an insulation layer for keeping your body warm. And end up with the outer layer is survival jacket that wear on top of these layers to protect you from the elements and comfortably fits over these layers.

#3 Do you need a jacket with many pockets?

Yes, the more pockets the better. Any survival jacket will need some storage space as they are practical. You will get so much use out of the pockets and hidden pockets. It can be the source of supply for emergency items you need to take by your side.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, even small snacks, keys, tourniquet are these small things that can fit into those handy pockets and you can use immediately as you need. You won’t need to take your backpack off and find in a mess the things you need in a hurry.

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