The Numax Battery Brand is well-known for the high-quality and valuable products with the sensible price. The Numax battery brand has been expanded with many innovative products over the last couple of years. These products are tied into the stored energy industry marketplace which gives the customers the top quality products built to the highest standard with a very affordable price to choose and buy.

The Numax brand consists of the following batteries:


The quality, reliability and durability is the impressive things if talking about the Numax automotive batteries range. This is the reason why the Numax automotive batteries range is growing faster and faster in the battery market today. And therefore, you are able to completely trust in Numax brand.


The Numax range of the flooded leisure and marine completely fit to your pocket if you want to buy a well built and high-quality battery to fit your marine or leisure application. The Numax Marine and Leisiure is a quality type of the most  powerful batteries engineered with the newest technology for today’s and even in the future that the marine and leisure needs.


The heavy duty Premium HGV batteries range of  Numax Brand is created to the highest specifications. Thus, they are really reliable and durable. They are able to cope with the gruelling workload that is placed on them by the modern trucks at work.


The motorcycle batteries of the Numax brand are offered with an acid pack in the box. And this means that the shelf life is widely extended. The motorcycle battery is only filled by using the acid pack at the place of sale. Thereby, the opportunity  of ‘on the shelf’ sulphation will be completely eliminated.


Numax also provides the specific 12 volt and 24 volt desktop battery management systems to charge and maintain the batteries. When your battery is exhausted, you are able to rely upon Numax to ensure that your battery is in the best condition when you need it.

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